Tether, the world’s largest digital asset company in the industry, has announced a collaboration with the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), also known as Taipei Tech, to enhance blockchain and digital asset education in the region. 

The initiative aims to equip students with knowledge and practical skills in advanced technologies, including blockchain technology, digital assets, Bitcoin, and stablecoins.

The "Blockchain & Digital Asset" education program was first introduced at NTUT's College of Management, attracting over 110 students. The course became popular within the university’s Information and Finance department. 

Following this success, other universities have agreed to partner with Tether to launch similar programs.

Through this collaboration, Tether will apply its expertise in blockchain technology, digital assets, Bitcoin, and stablecoins to advance academic programs and research initiatives. These programs will build upon the course materials developed for NTUT, enhanced with support from industry experts. 

The program is designed to prepare students for participation in the evolving field, focusing on several key areas.

The program encompasses a comprehensive education on blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies, covering both technical and business aspects. 

It aims to develop students' critical thinking skills to independently assess Bitcoin and cryptocurrency information and identify risks. Emphasizing the high-risk nature of cryptocurrencies, the program promotes rational investment principles. 

Additionally, it includes legal and regulatory education to help students understand compliance, and invites industry professionals to provide insights on sector developments and career opportunities.

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino stated:

Tether’s education initiative aligns seamlessly with the visions of these universities to empower their students with the knowledge and technical skills to boost the adoption of digital assets in Taiwan.

Over the past two years, Tether and local organizations have sponsored over 30 students and professors to attend the Plan B Business School in Lugano. 

This year, Tether supported an additional 15 students and professors to participate in the school. These professors will use their knowledge to create tailored course materials for upcoming semesters.

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