The Texas Bitcoin Foundation, a new nonprofit organization was announced in a press release on January 25, 2022. The non-profit is focused on educating people on the social and economic impact of bitcoin through funding research and educational initiatives. 

While Texas may be known for its conservative viewpoints, the Texas Bitcoin Foundation is firmly non-partisan and makes an effort to not support any political parties or initiatives. 

The organization intends on creating a foundation of knowledge via research that it hopes will impact the future of human civilization. The non-profit plans on accomplishing this by funding research projects via partnerships with scholars, labs, and educational institutions. 

The foundation also announced that its mission is to support the Texas economy by creating more knowledge and career opportunities within the bitcoin ecosystem. The organization plans on supporting this mission by starting an open-source developer community in the bitcoin space in Texas and other states.

Tuur Demester, a well-known theorist in the field and prominent supporter of bitcoin stated, 

its people are fiercely proud of personal liberty (“Come and take it!”). I see the same promise of both inclusivity and self-sovereignty in Bitcoin, and for that reason I’m excited to be a part of the Texas Bitcoin Foundation, where we’ll pursue long-term oriented education and research.

Tuur Demester sits on the Founding Board of the Texas Bitcoin Foundation alongside Natalie Smolenski, Lee Bratcher, Joseph Kelly, Avik Roy, and Dan Hughes, who all play vital roles in the bitcoin community. 

In the initial press release, the founding members explained how the education on bitcoin can attract entrepreneurs to the state, which would be of economic benefit to all. It went on to say that the founders believe bitcoin has the potential to change everyday life, and in order to make the most of it, people must understand how bitcoin works and how they can find value in it. 

The Texas Bitcoin Foundation is currently accepting donations via its website in order to fund these educational initiatives and further its impact.

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