I hereby call on the New York Times to stop their print media newspaper business immediately.

I recently published an exposé of the New York Times wasteful newspaper printing business on Nostr and Twitter, but felt it imperative to publish this research in the BTC Times, one of the last trusted names in news.

Stop the Presses

The New York Times murders trees to print newspapers at 27 locations which take a trip (by truck and/or plane), sometimes thousands of miles, burning fossil fuels and trees all the way. 

Let’s dive deeper…

The average paid print Sunday circulation of the New York Times was 745,000 copies in 2022. In 2012, it was 2,138,500. So, let’s conservatively call it one million newspapers per Sunday on average. That’s 52 MILLION wastepapers per year on Sunday alone.

In 2022, the average weekday print circulation of NYT was approximately 310,000 copies, less than half the figure recorded in 2014. But to be nice, let’s say 400,000 papers per “week day” (Monday-Saturday). That’s 2.4 MILLION papers per week.

Combining weekday and Sunday papers, conservatively, that’s 3.4 MILLION newspapers per week, or 176.8 MILLION newspapers per year.

The images below depict one of the many horrific tree-murdering plants operated by the New York Times. So many massive machines guzzling fossil fuels… So many rolls of paper that were once living trees…

In the digital age, it is truly shocking that anyone would resort to murdering trees just to make a newspaper that most people throw away anyway (creating even more waste), but the New York Times seems to not care for the harm they cause to the planet.

NYTimes Up 

Just how many trees are murdered because of the reckless printing of the New York Times?

Let’s find out…

A pine tree that measures 45 feet long & 8-inch diameter produces 10,000 sheets of paper. But the average sheet of paper is 8.5” x 11” & each NYT wastepaper is 12" x 22" when unfolded. 

So, conservatively, let’s say each NYT wastepaper page is two pieces of normal paper

On September 14th, 1987, the New York Times wastepaper weighed 12 pounds & had 1,612 pages.

That means just over three NYT newspapers killed one tree. 

Extrapolating to the present day, the New York Times kills 59 MILLION trees per year.

This is unacceptable.

But it gets worse… The New York Times has long invested in paper companies. It is the minority owner— through a company called Donohue Malbaie — of papermaking machinery at the Resolute Forest Company plant in Clermont, Quebec, which produced 218,000 metric tons of newsprint in 2015.

So just how much CO2 is the New York Times pumping into the atmosphere each year?

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, in one year a mature tree absorbs more than 48 pounds of CO2.

Since the New York Times murders 59 MILLION trees per year, that means they create 2.832 BILLION pounds of CO2 annually.

But it gets even worse…

The New York Times was founded in 1852; that’s 171 years. 

That means the NYT murdered over 10 BILLION trees and created over 484 BILLION pounds of CO2.

This wastepaper practice must not be allowed to continue.

Here’s the scary part: this 484 BILLION pounds of CO2 is only their direct environmental cost based on tree murders (10 billion trees killed) — it doesn’t account for all the wasted fuel during wastepaper transport, electricity wasted by facilities, and hot air blown by New York Times writers (more CO2).

Environmental destruction and tree murder of this scale is truly unforgivable.

Join the Movement: #StopThePresses

The New York Times murders MILLIONS of trees per year pumping BILLIONS of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere to print their wasteful newspaper full of propaganda yet they have the gall to call Bitcoin wasteful. 

This hypocrisy shall not stand.

If you want to join the global movement to save the trees from wanton destruction, then stop what you are doing and call on the New York Times to change their wasteful practices. Tweet at @nytimes using the hashtags #StopThePresses and #NYTimesUp.


You can find me on Twitter here: @WalkerAmerica

You can also find me on Nostr, where I will be sharing these stories in case Twitter bans me: https://nostrplebs.com/s/walker 

If you’re one of the few who can use Bluesky, I’m there also: nostr.bsky.social

In less than 24 hours since the #StopThePresses movement began, they have already launched a website, a Nostr account, and a Twitter account (which has amassed almost 5000 followers).

Website: https://nytimesup.org

Nostr: https://snort.social/p/npub1fq09fxq0rtsg7cyu5pqjqu43xreky0sp3a6ynt0hw2gg7mguugxs22uhjj

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nytimesup

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