BTC Prague 2023 is the largest Bitcoin-only conference in Europe and was brimming with fascinating booths and stalls that all attendees could not afford to miss this week.

First, let's make something very clear: all the booths and the expo portion of the conference were brilliant. The organizers have made sure to bring together the best and most inspiring Bitcoin-oriented businesses, organizations, and platforms together under one roof.

However, if you attended the conference with a newbie, a no-coiner, or a Bitcoin novice, these three stalls might have significantly benefitted them. The mentioned booths have the potential to take Bitcoin novices on an educational journey that will lead to a profound understanding and adoption of Bitcoin, including making their first Bitcoin transactions. 

1. Decouvre Bitcoin

Do you want to orange pill your friends, family, or colleagues but are unsure about how or where to start? Decouvre Bitcoin is here to help. With their advanced educational platform, you can ensure that your loved ones are properly educated on all the essential Bitcoin-related concepts. Thanks to Decouvre Bitcoin, you can confidently share knowledge and spread awareness among those closest to you. 

2. Bitcoin Ekasi

Inspired by Bitcoin Beach, Bitcoin Ekasi is a South African project aiming to replicate the iconic "Bitcoin Beach Model" in Africa. This ambitious endeavor not only aims to showcase the ease of replicating this model but also provides insights into the growth and struggles of such communities. Visiting the Bitcoin Ekasi booth or website will offer valuable insights into the potential for grassroots adoption and revolution in the Bitcoin space.

3. Bitcoiner Jobs

If you are unsatisfied with your current job, seeking to elevate your career to the next level, or in search of a new challenge, why not consider joining a Bitcoin company? The Bitcoiner Jobs booth offers valuable tips and tricks on how to efficiently enter this industry and find the perfect Bitcoin-only job that not only benefits you but also your prospective employer. 

If you were unable to attend BTC Prague 2023, all of the mentioned companies and services provide further information on their websites.

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