Brett Morrison, CEO of TrueVote, announced the release of the TrueVote app, a new platform that integrates technologies like Bitcoin, OpenTimestamps, and Nostr. 

The app is an attempt to improve transparency and integrity in elections. TrueVote operates on an open-source platform, using the Bitcoin network to create a voting system that aims to prevent election tampering. 

The app's use of OpenTimestamps is intended to improve ballot verification, ensuring that each vote is counted and recorded accurately.

OpenTimestamps is a protocol for creating proof of the existence and time of a document or data file. The basic idea behind OpenTimestamps is to anchor data to a specific point in time, using the immutable and widely-trusted Bitcoin ledger. 

"No 'token' needed. No 'new crypto coin' needed. Bitcoin and Bitcoin only."

TrueVote has also incorporated Nostr, a decentralized communication protocol, to authenticate users securely. This feature is part of the app's broader efforts to maintain security and privacy in the voting process. 

Morrison views the app as a means to make voting more accessible and convenient, likening it to the way technology has influenced financial systems. 

He emphasizes the need for transparency in elections and believes that making TrueVote's technology open-source can offer greater visibility into the voting process.

The app's combination of established technologies and focus on transparency aims to address challenges in ballot verification and voting accessibility. 

TrueVote's initiative is presented as a potential contribution to modernizing the election process and strengthening election integrity.

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