The Trump campaign has announced the launch of a fundraising page allowing federally permissible donors to contribute Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through the Coinbase Commerce platform. 

This initiative marks the second time a major party Presidential nominee has adopted Bitcoin for campaign donations. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s donation page has been accepting Bitcoin for over a year. 

Contribution limits and disclosure requirements for these donations will adhere to Federal Election Commission regulations.

Individuals wishing to make federally permissible donations to the Trump campaign with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency may check their website.

President Trump has aimed to promote financial technology innovation and reduced regulations during his tenure. 

In contrast, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, advocate for stronger government involvement in financial matters.

Today's announcement aligns with President Trump's agenda favoring financial freedom and less government control. 

Elizabeth Warren, a Biden supporter, has criticized Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and pledged to build an "anti-crypto army" to regulate it. 

In response, the Trump campaign encourages supporters to leverage this new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donation option.

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