While the country of Ukraine has been fighting off a war against invading Russians, Bitcoin and crypto users all around the world have donated their assets to help Ukraine fund their military. To respond and give thanks to the community, Ukraine announced an airdrop which would give back some crypto to donors. The airdrop was initially announced on Wednesday, March 2nd on the country’s official Twitter account to incentivize more donors to support the war efforts.  

However, a day later, on Thursday, March 3rd, the airdrop was cancelled via tweet. 

Federov said the country will announce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to give to donors as a token of appreciation. NFTs are a type of digital product derived from smart contract platforms. Creators can issue NFTs as they wish, and offer them to an open marketplace. In this particular use case, Federov was planning on creating and gifting NFTs to addresses that donated to the Ukrainian armed forces that may or may not have marketplace value.

According to the most recent update on Telegram, the Ukrainian government is still receiving a massive influx of crypto donations reaching well into the $10 million dollar range.

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