Between the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian NGO's (non-government organizations) the latest crowdfunding efforts estimate to be over $59.7 million worth of cryptocurrency, all of which has been raised to support the Ukrainian war efforts as they fight off invading Russians. The numbers are from Elliptic, a live crypto donation tracker responsible for updating on the incoming donations.  

The $59.7 million was given to the country through over 120k donations, with most of the donations coming from Ukraine’s Twitter crowdfunding efforts. 

Government Donations  

Many of the donations received by the Ukrainian government are due to the success of the country's Twitter plea on February 26, 2022, which provided crypto addresses for donations. A few days later, on March 1st, a new statement followed that said the country would now be accepting Polkadot donations after the country was given $5.8M worth of Polkadot.  

Twitter crowdfunding efforts have now shifted from the Ukrainian Government’s official page to the vice prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov’s official page. He came to Twitter on March 2nd announcing that Dogecoin donations are now accepted.  

NGO Donations  

A CryptoPunk NFT was most recently donated, with a valuation of around $1.86 million. Originally the NFT was to be donated to raise capital for Julian Assange.

The Come Back Alive foundation, a Ukrainian NGO, has worked to raise several million dollars' worth of funds, although its membership platform, Patreon, did eventually choose to shut down the organization’s page citing policy violations on February 24th. 

UkraineDAO, which is an autonomous organization, has managed to auction an NFT of the Ukrainian flag for $6.5 million in Ethereum; the proceeds are said to be sent to Come Back Alive, per recent Elliptic reports.  

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