Unchained, a Bitcoin financial services provider, has launched a service called Sound Advisory. This platform specifically provides registered investment advisor (RIA) services designed for investors who want to include Bitcoin into their investment portfolios.

Sound Advisory aims to connect clients with financial planners who understand Bitcoin. These advisors assist clients in planning their Bitcoin allocation, addressing potential tax implications, and establishing inheritance plans. 

The primary objective is to ensure clients have a seamless experience in their Bitcoin investment journey, with an emphasis on prioritizing their best interests and complying with legal considerations.

Joe Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Unchained, stated, "traditional advisors have overlooked Bitcoin for too long, and Sound Advisory is here to help solve the many financial planning questions and challenges that Bitcoin holders face. As Bitcoin and legacy finance continue to intertwine, it’s critical for the industry to offer a Bitcoin-native solution for professional financial guidance."

Sound Advisory's team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) offers advice on integrating Bitcoin into personalized financial plans. Clients can also take advantage of Unchained's custody technology, ensuring they retain control over their funds. 

Notably, Sound Advisory adopts a value-for-value fee structure, departing from traditional models based on portfolio size or net worth.

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