Five months after their initial announcement, U.S. Figure Skating is now able to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations with the help of Engiven. The organization’s goal is to expand their patron base by incorporating bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations that can be accepted from around the world. 

Engiven is a web based donations platform that focuses on helping non-profit organizations manage bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations to be accepted, held, and converted into local fiat currencies. In their latest announcement from February 8th, U.S. Figure Skating will be converting donations into U.S. dollars. These donations will pay for programs like Destination Beijing, Friends of Figure Skating, the Memorial Fund, the Mabel Fairbanks Skatingly Yours Fund, the Synchronized Skating Athlete Support Fund, and other logistical travel and fitness accommodations for the athletes.

Executive Director Ramsey Baker explains that “We continue to look for new and innovative ways to provide funding to the U.S. Figure Skating athletes, clubs, programs and initiatives”. 

In order to keep up with the quickly changing financial landscape, Baker and others on the board see bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a great opportunity for the organization. “The more avenues available for current and new donors to support the organization, the more we will be able to directly support our athletes and the many programs that service our members,” said Baker.

The partnership between U.S. Figure Skating and Engiven is well-suited to address the growing user base of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. CEO of Engiven James Lawrence states, “Providing a technology platform for donors to give cryptocurrency so that these athletes can achieve their dreams is truly an honor. We encourage crypto donors everywhere to support programs like Destination Beijing and the other initiatives of U.S. Figure Skating.”

The donation page is now live and accepts anonymous donations as well.

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