During the Bitcoin Policy Summit in Washington D.C. on April 26th, 2023, Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas and the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, shared his enthusiasm for Bitcoin. 

The one-day event was focused on exploring the potential strategic benefits that Bitcoin could offer to the United States.

On stage, Cruz conveyed his optimistic view towards Bitcoin, expressing his high expectations. He emphasized Bitcoin's leading position in the world of cryptocurrencies, attributing its dominance to being the first digital currency and its ability to maintain its supremacy. 

Cruz compared Bitcoin to "digital gold," acknowledging the profound understanding that drove its creation.

He revealed that he buys Bitcoin every week through a recurring purchase order (dollar cost averaging strategy), every Monday. According to Cruz, he currently holds just over two BTC, with his holdings gradually increasing each week. 

Cruz shared that he has taken advantage of recent market dips to acquire more Bitcoin, which he finds to be a satisfying strategy. However, he clarified that his investment approach is focused on the long-term, indicating that he is not perturbed by the usual fluctuations that come with buying Bitcoin.

Cruz commended Bitcoin as an essential safeguard against inflation and unchecked money printing, praising its decentralized structure that makes it less susceptible to government intervention.

The full recording of the conference may be viewed here:


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