The first hydroelectric-powered mining facility in Wisconsin was just launched by Sazmining, a hosting services provider for Bitcoin mining, giving the business a carbon-neutral source of electricity.

350 mining machines will be housed in the new facility and will be powered by a neighboring river’s water flow that passes through a constructed dam.

CEO of Sazmining Will Szamosszegi explains that “our new facility provides a carbon-neutral source of electricity for our mining operations and is a model for how mining can be managed sustainably as well as a testament to our commitment to make a positive impact on our environment and the economy.”

Sazmining has concentrated a majority of their effort into serving the retail sector. Given that large-scale Bitcoin mining is relatively complex, it may make sense for certain investors to consider Sazmining’s services in order to gain a stake in the mining sector.

President and COO Kent Halliburton comments that retail investors should have the same opportunities that major institutional players in the market have in order to start operating as full-time Bitcoin miners. He adds that “scaling our services around earning revenue from mining alone incentivizes everyone equally, making joining the Bitcoin revolution simple and profitable.”

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