ZEBEDEE, a financial technology company and payment processor, is joining forces with Beamable to streamline the implementation of Bitcoin transactions in gaming. 

The objective of this joint venture is to bypass the requirement for a server or systems operations team, thereby facilitating developers' ability to incorporate server-side features into their games, while also strengthening security. 

Beamable's platform empowers game developers to add server-side features with minimum resources or knowledge by importing a framework effortlessly into the client-side game code.

This partnership will provide significant advantages to developers by reducing complexity and overhead, lowering entry barriers, and making it more economical to incorporate advanced and secure server-side Bitcoin features. 

The integration of Beamable with ZEBEDEE's API creates an extra layer of security by segregating sensitive data from the game's client-side.

André Neves, ZEBEDEE's co-founder and CTO enthusiastically explained that "we’re thrilled that developers can now easily implement server-side features without the knowledge of server-side coding, enabling them to effortlessly add Bitcoin transactions to their games." 

Beamable's CEO Jon Radoff stated that “ZEBEDEE and Beamable are perfectly aligned in our goals to make the implementation of in-game transactions easier than ever, with a particular emphasis on client-side developers.”

The collaboration not only facilitates the implementation of Bitcoin transactions but also expands the resources available to developers. Beamable will feature in ZEBEDEE's marketplace and vice versa, ZEBEDEE's solution will be included in Beamable's marketplace. 

This mutual cooperation enables game developers from both platforms to smoothly include Bitcoin transactions and server-side features into their games, streamlining the game development process.

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