Bitcoin gaming payment processor ZEBEDEE has teamed up with Guilds, a new skill-based betting platform, to organize Bitcoin Games Day, a highly anticipated gaming event with Bitcoin prizes worth hundreds of USD. 

Gamers from across the globe will compete on April 22nd in this all day event, which will feature boosted rewards aimed at enticing more players to earn Bitcoin through gaming.

CEO and co-founder of Guilds Kabir Hemrajani stated that organizing a global promotional event in collaboration with ZEBEDEE, which has years of experience in rewarded gaming, presents an excellent opportunity to showcase their business model’s superiority for multiplayer PvP (player versus player) gaming to a large audience. 

He mentioned that their first game, Hellfire Arena, enables players to have an ad-free PvP experience and earn real money by applying their abilities within a global monetary network built on Bitcoin.

ZEBEDEE, Guilds, Geyser, THNDR Games, Dubbz, and various other Bitcoin gaming studios, developers, and startups are sponsoring the event with the goal of making Bitcoin rewarded gaming more accessible to individuals all across the world. 

The event will include games from its top partners, such as Bitcoin Miner by Fumb, Coin Mahjong by Bear Hug Entertainment, and Braindoku by Murka, as well as its own SaruTobi and Lightning Crush mobile games.

According to Ben Cousens, the chief strategy officer at ZEBEDEE, Bitcoin games have been the initial exposure to the global digital economy for many individuals. Their technology and products, which combine gaming and finance, have made the transition into the digital economy simple, smooth, and enjoyable. He believes that it is now time to celebrate the development of rewarded gaming with Bitcoin.

Anybody interested in participating may sign up on the Hellfire Arena app to receive their welcome bonus of 1,000 satoshis and begin training in daily tournaments leading up to Bitcoin Games Day. 

In addition, games from other ZEBEDEE partners are currently accessible and easy to locate in the ZEBEDEE app, and there are no initial payments or entrance fees required to begin playing. 

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