With all the talk about Bitcoin starting to bubble up again, many will have questions...questions about Bitcoin: what it is, how it works, its economic model, why it's special, whether or not it's good for the environment — and much more.

For the past 12 months, we've been building a Bitcoin-centric language model to help answer these, and as part of that, we trained our model — The Spirit of Satoshi — on THOUSANDS of relevant questions and answers.

This inspired us to do something else…

We took our data-science skills and distilled the 21 most common, pertinent, and important questions people have about Bitcoin, and turned it into what's likely to become the simplest Bitcoin introductory book ever written.

It's called: 21 Questions

And it's the first bitcoin-book co-written by an AI.

In fact, it's not only that. We decided to do something extra special.

AI is cool and all, but AI + Human input is where the real value is to be found.

So we rounded up some of the best and brightest thinkers in the Bitcoin space, and had them contribute answers to each of these 21 questions. These include:

  • Aleksandar Svetski
  • Arman the Parman
  • Brad Mills
  • Carla and Walker
  • CK Snarks
  • Daniel Prince
  • Giacomo Zucco
  • Guy Swann
  • John Vallis
  • Knut Svanholm
  • Max Hillebrand
  • Natalie Brunell
  • Pablo Fernandez
  • Peter St Onge
  • Samson Mow
  • Tomer Strolight

With a foreword by none other than Guy Swann!

The result is an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest book on Bitcoin, that you can open to any page and just learn.

It won't answer everything, but it's enough to get anyone started on their Bitcoin journey. And if you're a veteran, it'll give you the ammunition you need to answer the most common questions quickly and easily.

One final note...

The book will be available in digital, soft, and hardcover editions on Amazon, and also in Audiobook format — actually read by the Spirit of Satoshi’s AI voice!

But...before it goes live on Amazon (mid year) it is available for pre-sale on Geyser now. 
SAVE up to 60% on the retail cost if you order it today.


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