Today, Coinbits Inc., a hybrid banking company bridging fiat money to Bitcoin, announces the launch of Send Money. Send Money is a new feature in Coinbits App that allows Coinbits members to send cash or Bitcoin to anyone instantly for free.

If you’re a Coinbits member, you can now send cash or Bitcoin to any other member’s SatTag, a unique in-app username.

You can also send cash or Bitcoin to people who are not yet members of Coinbits. The recipient will receive an invitation to claim their money by opening a Coinbits account.

As before, you can also send Bitcoin to on-chain addresses.

”Hybrid Banking means having one place to manage all your money, whether it takes the form of fiat or Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer payments are one of a handful of features that will make the Hybrid Banking vision real, where Bitcoin and fiat money play nicely together in ways previously unavailable to consumers,” said Dave Birnbaum, VP of Product and Marketing at Coinbits.

Other key Coinbits features include:

  • Core DCA with Round Ups and Saving Habits. Round up your spare change to save in Bitcoin, and set personalized Bitcoin savings goals.
  • Bitcoin Management Tools give you visibility and control over your stack with watched wallets and automated alerts. Support for hardware wallets coming soon, letting you avoid address reuse on withdrawals, and even sign and broadcast transactions.
  • Banking Services like ACH and wire transfers, with direct deposit and debit cards coming soon.

About Coinbits

Founded in 2017, Coinbits has been at the forefront of making Bitcoin accessible and manageable, blending it with traditional banking features to serve the modern user’s needs. As the world moves towards a more diverse financial ecosystem, Coinbits leads the way with solutions that bridge the gap between Bitcoin and fiat currencies.

For more information, visit, follow @CoinbitsApp on X (Twitter), and join the conversation in the Coinbits Community on Telegram.

Media Contact

David Waugh — Coinbits Inc.

Investor Contact

Dave Birnbaum — Coinbits Inc.

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