"Introduction to Lightning Network" is a virtual training course provided by Bitcoin Argentina, a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting the adoption and understanding of Bitcoin.

The primary objective of this course is to educate participants about the operational aspects and potential development opportunities associated with the Lightning Network.

Jimena Vallone, the executive director of Bitcoin Argentina, expressed that the Bitcoin Argentina NGO aims to distribute knowledge about Bitcoin and create practical and theoretical platforms that enable professionals, specialists, users, and individuals interested in exploring its applications and potential.

Starting on May 23rd, the course will be instructed by renowned experts in the field, such as Nicolás Bourbon, Francisco Calderon, Federico Andragnes, as well as members of Librería de Satoshi, Laura Medina, and Gustavo Torres. 

The curriculum will include fundamental topics such as Bitcoin basics, the mining process, the structure and functionality of the Lightning Network, technological considerations for network expansion, digital wallets, transactions, and measures to prevent fraud.

Having successfully organized the Lightning Hackday in Buenos Aires, Bitcoin Argentina received enthusiastic feedback from attendees. 

Vallone conveyed the organization's underlying drive for offering the introductory course, stating, "we want to provide the necessary tools so that more and more people can learn about the potential of decentralized technologies and the financial innovation that began with Bitcoin in 2009."

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