Governor Ridwan Kamil of West Java Province in Indonesia and Samson Mow, the CEO of JAN3 and a prominent global advocate for Bitcoin, shared insights during a fireside chat titled "The Indonesia Bitcoin Mining Campaign." 

They revealed that the Indonesian government is actively exploring the potential benefits of Bitcoin adoption for the country and its citizens.

Governor Kamil explained “[Indonesia has] the second most geothermal potential in the world — more than 800 rivers with hydropower. As Bitcoin allows the transformation of energy into money, Bitcoin could be transformative for Indonesia.”

Governor Kamil added that Indonesia is making steady progress towards Bitcoin adoption, boasting a substantial base of over 12 million cryptocurrency investors. Notably, 70% of these investors have chosen to invest in Bitcoin. Governor Kamil emphasized that this figure continues to rise, increasing by half a million investors annually.

Moreover, the Governor highlighted the potential of Bitcoin to bring financial technology to individuals in Indonesia who currently lack access to such services. He emphasized that Bitcoin could serve as a solution for the unbanked segments of society, which make up approximately 40% of the population. 

According to Governor Kamil, Bitcoin has the potential to empower these individuals and bridge the financial inclusion gap in his country.

The conversation also touched on an Omnibus bill allowing 100% foreign investment in renewable energy projects over 1 MW, which could boost investment and focus in the region.  Governor Kamil stated “come to Indonesia, let's have this big reserve of renewable energy dedicated to the Bitcoin mining business.”

Mow highlighted the significant opportunity for Indonesia, emphasizing that the countries that embrace Bitcoin in a meaningful manner will gain a substantial advantage.

Governor Kamil expressed his curiosity about the El Salvador Bitcoin bonds and Samson replied that “the bonds can finance the buildout of new energy infrastructure… Indonesia could have a volcano bond too.”

Governor Kamil concluded that "the new generation is buying Bitcoin as a reserve… Hopefully Indonesia will be a Bitcoin heaven in the future."

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