During the Bitcoin 2023 event held in Miami Beach, Strike, the global Bitcoin payments service, made several exciting announcements. 

They revealed the expansion of their service to 65 additional countries, spanning across six continents. Alongside this expansion, Strike introduced support for receiving funds in U.S. dollar equivalents, specifically USDt. 

Furthermore, users were delighted to discover that the app underwent a significant transformation, featuring a cleaner user interface, a more user-friendly experience, and a brand new logo.

Responding to user requests on Bitcoin Twitter, Strike has expanded its services to numerous countries, enabling instant money transfers through the Lightning Network. In an interview with Strike's VP of Product, Manuela Rios, she shared that the app now has an impressive reach, effectively serving a staggering 3 billion people.

Highlighting the lack of a seamless experience for purchasing Bitcoin worldwide, Rios commented, "globally, you don't see a seamless experience." To address this, the revamped Strike app now serves as a Lightning wallet, providing users with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin using dollar equivalent rails.

During his keynote speech at Bitcoin 2023, Strike CEO Jack Mallers elaborated on the broader vision behind the recent updates, expressing, "We’re delivering a cash balance that the global south can rely on, and an awesome beautiful punk unconventional black and white brand, as the Fed is driving our own banks insolvent."

Mallers expressed the company's commitment to building an extraordinary global money app, stating, "we made a lot of product changes to support what we hope to become an amazing global money app."

The app has introduced a simplified sign-up process, making it easier for users to register, alongside the new features and expanded access. Rios clarified, "the end goal for us is to serve 7-8 billion people, and we’ll be stepping our way to make it to the countries that didn’t make it in this MVP."

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