Coinfinity, a renowned Bitcoin broker based in Austria, has recently integrated the Lightning Network in order to execute Bitcoin transactions more cost-effectively and with faster transaction processing times.

Coinfinity's Chief Growth Officer Thomas Burgstaller stated that "being this early to market is an important innovation step for us at Coinfinity, and Lightning itself is an essential foundation for the global adoption of Bitcoin as a usable monetary system."

By utilizing the Lightning network, Coinfinity seeks to enhance Bitcoin's competitiveness as a payment system, with aspirations to exceed transaction volumes witnessed by major card networks like VISA or Mastercard.

Gradually, Coinfinity's customers will begin to use Lightning features via the company's web portal and mobile application available on both iOS and Android. 

For now, users may use the Lightning network for Bitcoin purchases. In the future, Lightning will be integrated into Coinfinity's savings plan feature, followed by the ability to sell Bitcoin via Lightning.

This integration provides not only user convenience but also promotes broader acceptance of Bitcoin as a feasible payment method. Coinfinity's move is part of a strategy to enhance transaction efficiency and mitigate the expenses linked with conventional Bitcoin transactions.

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