Pouch has introduced a new feature called "Send Globally" in its app, simplifying transfers from the Philippines to U.S. banks. The feature permits users, including expatriates in the Philippines, to transfer Philippine pesos to U.S. bank accounts, which are converted into U.S. dollars. 

Pouch's CEO, Ethan Rose, highlighted the company's dedication to improving international payments and advancing financial inclusivity. He stated that "Send Globally" allows customers to avoid physical bank branches for sending money from the Philippines to the U.S. and is available to all Filipinos.

The feature is designed to enable quick, cost-efficient transactions, significantly reducing the processing time between zero to three days compared to the longer durations of traditional methods. It also minimizes payment delay risks and offers competitive rates, making it affordable for businesses and individuals.

Pouch intends to expedite cheap transactions by utilizing the Bitcoin Lightning Network, reinforcing its commitment to provide secure, affordable, and seamless international payment solutions. 

The "Send Globally" feature is available in the latest Pouch.ph app version in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Pouch also plans to venture into more markets and collaborate with international entities to globally enhance its payment services.

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