Bittylicious, the oldest British bitcoin exchange has undergone a transformation, both in the real world and the virtual! The business has moved from its London offices and purchased a 19th century Chapel in Onchan, a small village on the Isle of Man. 

Not only that, the “church of bitcoin” now has prime real estate in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world where users can engage with brands, buy and sell land, create properties and estates using builder tools, or trade digital assets using the online marketplace. 

Bittylicious is at the forefront in terms of virtual premises, the first business in the Isle of Man to exist in this decentralised world. This is a very exciting time as computer simulated realms grow and develop.

The visual juxtaposition between past and present gives a super example of tech advancements on the island, and Bittylicious will join brands such as Samsung, Nike, and Coca Cola in the decentralised space.

The business continues with its success and has a growing, talented team. The Chapel is located on Main Road in the heart of Onchan, near other landmark buildings including Molly Carrooin’s Cottage and St Peter’s Church. 

Director, Nicole Gera is very pleased with the renovation of The Chapel giving a fresh, clean look that highlights the neo-gothic period design.

The 3D model of The Chapel was created by a digital architect based on the island. Bittylicious’s Managing Director, Marc Warne is absolutely delighted with the 3D model now live in Decentraland. “It looks amazing, and it’s fantastic to see the building in a futuristic virtual world, but still keeping its traditional feel.”   

In terms of usability, existing in the virtual world will add a creative, new dimension to Bittylicious’s engagement with customers through exclusive interactive competitions and events.

Of course, Bittylicious’s trademark mascot Ludwig the bitcoin pug will make a guest appearance in both the real and virtual worlds!

Why not visit Bittylicious in Decentraland yourself?  You can login as a guest or create an online profile here. The Chapel’s Decentraland co-ordinates are -65, -130.

Bittylicious is a self-hosting cryptocurrency exchange specialising in bitcoin and provides a simple, safe and secure way to buy and sell crypto. The company was founded in 2003 in the UK by Marc Warne. Bittylicious goes from strength to strength achieving over 1,300 reviews on TrustPilot to date with a current TrustScore of 4.9. Safety and security are high on the company’s priorities. Bittylicious has successfully completed over one million trades.

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