Fernando Nikolić, the director of marketing and communications at Blockstream, has launched a new website dedicated to archiving popular Bitcoin memes and cultural references. 

Called Know Your Bitcoin Meme, the site features a gallery of several thousand viral images, credited to users of X (formerly Twitter).

In a statement to Protos Nikolić explained:

Bitcoin’s history is written in memes and will continue to do so. So I felt compelled to create this ‘Great Library of Alexandria’ on the web as a nod to the culture and give everyone access to contribute to it.

However, the site does not use human researchers to verify attributions, which means they do not confirm actual ownership or authorship. 

Instead, Nikolić uses automated image searches to assign credit for the memes. 

He noted that the site is a personal project to which he has devoted only a few hours, and he has not employed an editor to rigorously trace meme variations or pinpoint their exact origins.

“Culture drives change, and memes change culture,” said Nikolić.

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