Metaplanet, a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange that offers hotel-related services among others, has revealed its acquisition of Bitcoin valued at ¥1 billion, which is roughly equivalent to $6.25 million.

Earlier this month, Metaplanet announced its intention to use Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset, planning an initial purchase of ¥1 billion in Bitcoin.

The company recently confirmed on X that it has completed this purchase. 

This strategy mirrors that of MicroStrategy, a U.S. company that has been buying Bitcoin since 2020, a move that significantly boosted its share price.

Following Metaplanet's initial announcement, its stock also experienced a notable rise, signaling strong investor confidence in its Bitcoin investment strategy.

Metaplanet's Bitcoin investment allows Japanese investors to be exposed to Bitcoin without realizing an unrealized gains tax, which can reach up to 55%.

Individuals with an account on the Tokyo Stock Exchange can now indirectly invest in Bitcoin through Metaplanet, avoiding the regulatory risks that come with direct purchases.

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