Braiins, a mining company that is known for its very popular mining pool, has partnered with open-source Bitcoin development initiative Spiral to establish a working group to accelerate the adoption of Stratum V2. 

Stratum V2, a Bitcoin mining communication protocol, acts as a bridge between miners, their pools, and the Bitcoin network. These channels for communication are how miners are able to receive block rewards and show their work.

The working group will focus on sharing tools in order to create a more seamless process for the miners to deploy Stratum V2.

The goal for industry wide adoption of Stratum V2 is important because it improves the decentralization and censorship resistance of Bitcoin’s architecture, which is one of the main strengths of the Bitcoin Network.

The test version of Stratum V2 has been launched already in early October and the updated version will be released in early November this year. 

The November version of the software will employ a new feature, called job negotiation, which will allow miners to select their own work rather than be assigned the work by the mining pool. This will help create a more censorship-resistant mechanic for Bitcoin mining and further protect the network from any malicious attacks.

Jan Čapek, co-founder of Braiins was optimistic about the work being done and the future of Bitcoin explaining that “universal standards for running and building Stratum V2 and the efforts of this working group to push the industry forward will provide the momentum Bitcoin needs to finally upgrade from a version of its mining protocol that was built a decade ago.”

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