Bitcoin Collective hosts the UK’s largest Bitcoin conference this weekend on October 21st until Saturday (October 22nd) and will take place in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. The company aims to bring Bitcoiners together to share knowledge and information about Bitcoin.

The conference will help educate, inform, spark debate, motivate action, and assemble a new UK-led movement about Bitcoin, sound money, and cultivate future opportunities with the help of experienced speakers from across the world.

What To Expect

Bitcoin specialists, experts, and entrepreneurs from around the globe are being brought together by Bitcoin Collective to discuss the significance of Bitcoin and how it can improve everyone’s standard of living. Award-winning journalists, CEOs, technology visionaries, and financial experts who are all dedicated to making Bitcoin the center of attention are attending the conference this weekend.

Some of the speakers are:

  • Adam Back, CEO and Co-Founder, Blockstream
  • Jonathan Bier, BitMEX Research; BitMEX Bitcoin open source grant program
  • Lee Bratcher, President and Founder of the Texas Blockchain Council
  • Jeff Booth, Entrepreneur, Tech Leader, Author of the Price of Tomorrow
  • Natalie Brunell, Host of Coin Stories and Hard Money
  • Obi Nwosu, CEO of Fedi; Board Member, ₿trust
  • Danny Scott, CEO, CoinCorner
  • Peter McCormack, Host of What Bitcoin Did; Chairman, Real Bedford FC
  • Samson Mow, CEO, JAN3; Architect of the Bitcoin Bonds
  • Pierre Corbin, Director and Producer of ‘The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin’
  • Allen Farrington, Bitcoin’s cultural and literature alignments and Author of ‘Bitcoin is Venice’
  • Greg Foss, Bitcoin Strategist and Bond Expert
  • Peter Wall, CEO, Argo Blockchain

The topical panels will go through some of the major questions surrounding Bitcoin and other related macro issues. Attendees will be able to ask panelists questions on subjects including mass adoption, sound money, environmental effect, and the development of a more equitable financial system using Bitcoin. Attendees will also have the option to participate in live demos provided by exhibitors during the conference.

Venue: Assembly Rooms

54 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2LR

United Kingdom


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