The Casa team announced on May 10th, 2022 that they were able to raise $21 million for their series A funding in order to expand operations while also releasing their new API. The funding is planned to be used for fueling the company’s next phase of growth. Their new API will also enable software engineers and developers to eventually take full advantage of all of Casa’s features by integrating them in their own third-party applications. 

Casa is a self-custody solutions company that was founded in 2016 as a service to provide straightforward tools for buying and securing customers’ Bitcoin. The recent developments will continue to help support their mission in creating a more user friendly and secure way to store Bitcoin.

The $21 million series A funding round was led by Acrew Capital along with help from Positive Sum, Avon Ventures, Tioga Capital, Stillmark, Castle Island Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, Naval Ravikant, Scott Belsky, Todd McKinnon and Freddy Kerrest of Okta, and many others.

The funds will allow Casa to expand operations and devote more time and resources to building features that allow individuals to gain access to their funds by more secure means. Features like their newly released API are a good example of how Casa continues to update their products and services.

Casa’s API was built in order to provide a highly secure self-custody solution ecosystem that allows consumers (even outside of Casa) the ability to use their private keys on other platforms. Developers from other companies who want to provide self-custody solutions for their own customers no longer have to build out an entire secure wallet stack. They now have the option to use Casa’s API in order to quickly offer these features.

The first two features that Casa offers through their API are the abilities to “View Balance” and “Deposit to Casa.” The View Balance feature allows users to view their balance with Casa and another app once they are connected to one another. The second feature, Deposit to Casa, enables users to send Bitcoin to your own Casa wallet with one click. This feature does not require a user to copy and paste a wallet address in order to send funds 

Casa hopes to release more features in the near future to make setup, transaction steps, and storage much faster and more secure for everyone.

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