Reial Club Deportivo (RCD) Espanyol has agreed to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for tickets, merchandise, food, and beverages. The club plans on implementing the payment option next season, making it the first member of the professional soccer league, La Liga, to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, RCD Espanyol is just one of many professional sports leagues to begin adopting Bitcoin.  

The decision comes after RCD Espanyol’s recent partnership with Crypto Snack (SNACK), which is headquartered in Barcelona. Additionally, SNACK is one of the fastest-growing DEX gaming tokens listed on the Binance Smart Chain.  

Through the partnership, RCD fans will now be able to make purchases with Crypto Snack (SNACK) along with other digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many believe that this partnership is opening many doors to cryptocurrency growth within the sports industry, especially in Europe. 

A recent press release quoted Crypto Snack CEO’s excitement about the partnership saying, 

“It is an absolute honour for the Crypto Snack team and community to partner with one of the biggest and most well-known clubs in Europe. The partnership opens the club up to a whole new market place and allows Espanyol fans a fun, efficient way to support their team through the use of SNACK and other cryptocurrencies.” 

RCD Espanyol was founded back in 1900 when it carried the original name of Sociedad Española de Football. Just 12 years later, it was renamed to Reial Club Deportivo, a royal title given by King Alfonso XIII, who served as the king of Spain until 1931. 

Growth of Crypto Adoption in Professional Sports  

Bitcoin adoption in professional sports is seeing unprecedented growth. Just last month, the Tennessee Titans became the very first NFL team to adopt Bitcoin for large and recurring purchases. Back in 2021, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced a sponsorship with Coinbase. Even better, two players in the Ukrainian NBA have committed to providing relief to Ukraine through their recent partnership with Bitcoin Magazine.

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