Coinbase, a leading Bitcoin and crypto exchange, has integrated Bitcoin's Lightning Network into its platform, enabling faster and more cost-effective Bitcoin transactions for its users across the United States, excluding New York. 

As a significant player in the global Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in terms of user base, trading volume, and asset custody, Coinbase's integration of Lightning represents an endorsement of this Bitcoin scaling solution. 

Lightning facilitates near-instant Bitcoin payments at reduced fees by conducting transactions off-chain.

The integration aligns with Coinbase's goal to create a payment network with minimal transaction costs. 

Coinbase has partnered with Lightspark, a company co-founded by former PayPal executive David Marcus, to offer its U.S. users the ability to withdraw or send Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. 

This integration allows transactions to complete in seconds and at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-chain Bitcoin transactions.

David Marcus expressed enthusiasm about the achievement, highlighting its significance for Bitcoin's adoption globally. 

This move by Coinbase not only reflects confidence in the network's reliability but also underscores the potential of Layer 2 solutions to transform Bitcoin into a major global payment system.

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