Tether, the largest company in the digital asset sector, announced its investment of $200 million in Blackrock Neurotech, a leading firm in Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) technology. 

This investment, made through Tether's venture division Tether Evo, positions Tether as the majority stakeholder in Blackrock Neurotech.

Blackrock Neurotech was established in 2008 by Dr. Florian Solzbacher and Marcus Gerhardt, originating from the University of Utah. The company, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, focuses on developing technology for individuals with paralysis, sensory losses, and other neurological disorders. 

Blackrock Neurotech's technology has enabled patients to perform activities such as operating robotic arms and navigating wheelchairs using their thoughts. Notably, one of their devices allows for communication through thought-to-text processes, achieving speeds up to 90 characters per minute.

The funds from Tether’s investment will support the commercial expansion of Blackrock Neurotech's medical technologies, which have already been applied successfully to over 40 individuals. 

Additionally, the investment will enhance the company's research and development efforts to maintain its leadership in the BCI industry.

Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, expressed that the investment in Blackrock Neurotech is part of a broader strategy to explore and support transformative technologies through Tether Evo. 

Dr. Florian Solzbacher, co-founder of Blackrock Neurotech, highlighted the importance of the Tether partnership in advancing healthcare technologies. 

Tim Sievers, Co-Chairman of Blackrock Neurotech, also welcomed Tether’s involvement, noting the potential impact on patient lives and broader societal benefits.

Tether has diversified its operations through new divisions including Tether Power, focused on sustainable energy; Tether Edu, which promotes educational resources; and Tether Data, dedicated to developing AI and peer-to-peer technologies. Tether Evo, in particular, aims to merge technology with human potential to foster advancements in human capabilities.

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