In collaboration with My First Bitcoin, Bitcoin Beach, and the Ministry of Education, the country unveiled a Bitcoin education pilot program on September 7th. The goal is to integrate Bitcoin education into every school's curriculum by 2024.

Launched on the 2-year anniversary of the revolutionary Bitcoin Law, this initiative will prepare 150 public school teachers on Bitcoin. Once trained, these teachers will be sent throughout the country, integrating Bitcoin knowledge into their lessons.

My First Bitcoin, an El Salvador-based non-profit with a focus on Bitcoin education, stands at the forefront of this initiative. Having educated over 25,000 in-person students since 2021, their dedication to raising awareness about Bitcoin is evident. 

Their detailed 10-week Bitcoin Diploma, now in its 5th edition, has been embraced by the Ministry of Education to shape the national curriculum.

Other organizations involved include Bitcoin Beach, which was instrumental in influencing El Salvador's decision to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender. It has contributed significantly, from training to funding educational materials. 

The Bitcoin Office, a government entity from El Salvador, exemplifies its commitment to Bitcoin education and developer training through its partnership with Cubo. 

Similarly, My First Bitcoin's mission centers on positioning El Salvador as a global leader in Bitcoin education and a beacon for the international community.

The introduction and support of the new education program highlights El Salvador's sustained momentum in establishing itself as a Bitcoin-centric nation. By emphasizing Bitcoin literacy from the grassroots level in schools, the country is nurturing a future generation that is well-versed in Bitcoin. 

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