The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), an essential air ambulance charity covering the North East, North Yorkshire, Cumbria, and the Isle of Man, has partnered with CoinCorner, a Bitcoin and Lightning service platform, to receive Bitcoin donations through their website.

Danny Scott, CEO at CoinCorner, stated that “a growing number of charities are realizing the benefits of accepting Bitcoin - from opening up to a world of borderless donations, to reducing the time and costs associated with traditional payment methods - this innovative and forward-thinking approach is changing the future of payments.”

Collaborating with CoinCorner marks a notable advancement for GNAAS, positioning themselves as one of the first air ambulance services in the UK to accept Bitcoin donations.

This progressive strategy seeks to harness the advantages of Bitcoin, offering supporters an alternative way to contribute to the organization’s life-saving endeavors.

Ashleigh Chapman, the Head of Income and Engagement at GNAAS, expressed her excitement about the novel initiative by stating, "at the Great North Air Ambulance Service, we strive for innovation in fundraising and want to make it as accessible as possible to donate to our life-saving cause. Bitcoin is an important element of today’s economy, and we hope that accepting donations will enable us to reach a wider range of supporters, increasing our income and allowing us to continue our vital work."

Supporters who are eager to donate to the Great North Air Ambulance Service using Bitcoin may now seamlessly do so by using CoinCorner's Bitcoin payment portal, ensuring a safe and hassle-free donation process.

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