The financial services firm, Block, appears to be nearing the public unveiling of its first Bitcoin hardware wallet called BitKey.

Images released recently by a beta tester provide an initial look at Block's new Bitcoin hardware wallet, which was first introduced in 2022. 

The photos showcase a compact hexagon-shaped device equipped with a fingerprint sensor, highlighting the device's biometric security features.

The reveal follows a series of clues from Block, co-founded by Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey.

In past disclosures, Dorsey alluded to the company's perspective for the hardware wallet, stressing the significance of empowering users to have complete autonomy over their Bitcoin. 

The device is designed in line with this mindset, enabling individuals to handle their Bitcoin securely on their own.

Aiming to be inclusive, Block's hardware wallet is projected to have a competitive price point. Currently, hardware wallets usually sell for a range between $50 and $100, although the cost fluctuates based on brand and design.

More information, such as its launch date, cost, and other functionalities have not yet been announced.

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