Blockstream, renowned for its pioneering efforts in the Bitcoin infrastructure space, has joined forces with Swan Bitcoin, a leading Bitcoin financial services provider. 

Together, they have introduced Swan Vault, a platform that offers customers the ability to secure their Bitcoin through cooperative custody. Central to Swan Vault's operation is Blockstream Jade, an open-source Bitcoin hardware wallet.

Cory Klippsten, CEO of Swan Bitcoin, remarked, "integrating Blockstream Jade's multi-signature and hardware-based authentication into Swan Vault elevates the standards of Bitcoin collaborative custody."

"The user-centric focus on security is a key aspect of this partnership," said Klippsten.

The partnership aims to tackle a prevalent concern for Bitcoin investors: the secure storage of their Bitcoin. 

While a majority of Bitcoin investors understand the importance of security, some may not be well-versed in multi-signature technology and key management. 

With the support of Blockstream Jade, Swan Vault seeks to fill this knowledge gap by offering a joint custody solution for Bitcoiners. 

This ensures users have complete autonomy over their Bitcoin while benefiting from a streamlined experience when setting up their wallets and executing transactions.

Adam Back, Blockstream's CEO, commented, "in bringing our technical expertise into the mix with Swan’s user-centric approach, we are advancing the practice of collaborative custody in the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

The goal is to foster adoption and establish cooperative custody as a standard procedure in the Bitcoin sector, added Back.

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