Botev Plovdiv, Bulgaria's oldest football club, is advancing its integration of Bitcoin through a strategic alliance with JAN3, a digital infrastructure company focused on expanding access to Bitcoin technology. 

"Bitcoin is central to our club's strategy," declared Anton Zingarevich, the owner of Botev. 

We're inspired by the global success stories of Bitcoin adoption and are excited to bring this innovation to Botev, our fans, and the city of Plovdiv. JAN3's cutting-edge tools are instrumental in this journey.

This partnership marks a significant step towards incorporating Bitcoin into the club's framework and enhancing engagement with its supporters. 

The AQUA Wallet by JAN3 now features a "Botev Mode," designed to streamline transactions for fans and the broader Plovdiv community.

JAN3 stated that through the AQUA Wallet's integration, the club plans to offer discounts and possibly a cashback program for payments made in Bitcoin. 

Additionally, the club intends to educate interested Bulgarian fans about Bitcoin, guiding them on its application not just for team-related transactions but also in incorporating it into their everyday lives.

In alignment with this collaboration, the JAN3 logo will be featured on Botev Plovdiv's team jerseys. The adoption of the AQUA Wallet into the club's ecosystem signifies a noteworthy step in narrowing the divide between professional sports and Bitcoin.

Echoing this sentiment, JAN3 CEO Samson Mow stated:

Very few things in life are as universal as football and Bitcoin. With this partnership we hope to bring Bitcoin closer to football, and the billions of football fans around the world closer to Bitcoin. We have already seen what Bitcoin can do for companies and countries, now imagine what it can do for your favorite team.

This joint effort between Botev Plovdiv FC and JAN3 paves the way for future Bitcoin-centric innovations.

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