Plovdiv, Bulgaria, February 22, 2024 JAN3, a leading technology company focused on expanding access to Bitcoin around the world, has entered a strategic partnership with Bulgarian football club Botev Plovdiv, the world’s first top division team to embrace Bitcoin on Oct 31, 2023. This collaboration marks a significant step towards broadening Bitcoin adoption and setting the stage for Botev to become the premier Bitcoin-native sports club.

As part of thе partnership, Botev Plovdiv’s team jerseys will feature JAN3’s logo, symbolizing a shared commitment to innovation and financial empowerment. Additionally, the AQUA Wallet's new "Botev Mode" not only embraces the team's vibrant yellow-black palette but also introduces Bulgarian language support, making Bitcoin more accessible to over 100,000 Botev fans and the local community.

Another key aspect is the integration of JAN3's AQUA wallet, the first financial app to seamlessly combine Bitcoin's Lightning and Liquid networks. This strategic move represents a significant leap forward in making Bitcoin transactions widely accessible and efficient for everyday use.

Anton Zingarevich, owner of Botev, expressed his enthusiasm: "Bitcoin is central to our club's strategy. We're inspired by the global success stories of Bitcoin adoption and are excited to bring this innovation to Botev, our fans, and the city of Plovdiv. JAN3's cutting-edge tools are instrumental in this journey."

Very few things in life are as universal as football and Bitcoin. With this partnership we hope to bring Bitcoin closer to football, and the billions of football fans around the world closer to Bitcoin. We have already seen what Bitcoin can do for companies and countries, now imagine what it can do for your favorite team, added Samson Mow, CEO of JAN3.

Botev and JAN3 see this to be complementary to their shared goal of accelerating mass Bitcoin adoption in the city of Plovdiv and Bulgaria as a whole. By embracing Bitcoin, Botev will turn into a beacon for Bitcoiners across the globe and a joint ambassador in JAN3’s mission to educate leaders at a nation-state level on how to pursue their own Bitcoin strategies.

The collaboration between Botev Plovdiv FC and JAN3 is just the beginning, with plans for more pioneering Bitcoin-focused initiatives. These projects aim to solidify Botev's status as a Bitcoin-native club and achieve greater success in UEFA competitions, mirroring Bitcoin's rise in the financial world.

About Botev Plovdiv FC

Established in 1912, PFC Botev Plovdiv is Bulgaria's oldest football club and the world's first top-division club to fully integrate Bitcoin and Nostr into its operations—a pioneering move documented by renowned journalist Joe Nakamoto. With a legacy spanning over a century, the club has become synonymous with excellence, passion, and dedication to the sport. Playing in Bulgaria's premier stadium, Botev Plovdiv has garnered numerous accolades and has cultivated a fervent fan base that spans generations. Beyond the game field, the club is deeply committed to community engagement, fostering local talent, and promoting sportsmanship. As a beacon of Bulgarian football, Botev Plovdiv continues to inspire, innovate, and set new benchmarks in the world of football. To learn more, visit:

About JAN3

JAN3 is a digital infrastructure company focused on expanding access to Bitcoin technology. Founded and led by Samson Mow, best known for his efforts in nation-state Bitcoin adoption around the world, JAN3's mission is to accelerate hyperbitcoinization by providing tools for individuals, autonomous regions, and sovereign nations to benefit from a free and open financial system based on Bitcoin. To learn more, visit:

About AQUA

AQUA is a non-custodial Bitcoin and Layer 2 wallet developed by JAN3 that prioritizes ease of use. By harnessing the power of the Liquid and Lightning networks, AQUA gives people the ability to save and spend using Bitcoin or Tether USDT in a clean and simplified interface. More than just an all-in-one wallet, AQUA is a tool for financial empowerment made for the next billion Bitcoin users worldwide. Download AQUA today at:

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