JAN3, a prominent player in the Bitcoin industry, recently launched JAN3 Financial. This new venture is designed to facilitate the entry of nation-states and affluent individuals into the Bitcoin market. 

The initiative addresses the increasing interest from national governments, public institutions, major corporations, and wealthy individuals in acquiring and managing Bitcoin.

Samson Mow, the CEO of JAN3, emphasized the company's unique position to cater to the specific needs of nation-states and corporations in accumulating Bitcoin reserves. 

He highlighted JAN3's ability to provide tailor-made solutions for Bitcoin procurement, custody, and top-level security, meeting the high standards required by their clients.

Central to JAN3 Financial's initial services is its bespoke Over the Counter (OTC) desk for Bitcoin, developed to meet the needs of nation-states amidst the global surge in Bitcoin adoption. 

With a notable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 73.32% over the past ten years, JAN3 Financial seeks to help entities capitalize on this growth to protect their financial assets.

Ben Van Hool, COO of JAN3, detailed the all-encompassing approach of this new division, emphasizing not only Bitcoin acquisition but also the provision of security measures for nation-states. 

He described the company's approach as developing strategies and systems akin to a digital version of 'Fort Knox' for Bitcoin, ensuring the long-term security of national Bitcoin reserves.

JAN3 Financial aims to offer a straightforward and comprehensive experience for countries engaging with Bitcoin.

Andrew Howard, CBO of JAN3, noted the significant interest in Bitcoin among influential figures, many of whom are quietly investing in Bitcoin on their own or expressing interest to do so, despite not publicly disclosing their purchases.

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