Bitcoin City, El Salvador - December 7, 2023 – JAN3, a leading Bitcoin technology company, has proudly announced the launch of its JAN3 Financial division. This service will initially offer a bespoke Bitcoin Over the Counter (OTC) desk that can accommodate the unique needs of nation-states at a time of increasing adoption across the world.

JAN3 Financial's OTC desk caters to nation-states, as well as public companies, municipalities, institutions, unions, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and high-net-worth individuals looking to expose themselves to Bitcoin’s impressive performance over the past decade, boasting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 73.32%. By harnessing the power and potential of Bitcoin, nations and large entities can safeguard their financial assets, either privately or by joining JAN3 at the forefront of this industry.

Samson Mow, JAN3's CEO, commented on the launch, saying "Nation-states and corporations require robust means to acquire Bitcoin. We can offer them bespoke solutions to accumulate their Bitcoin treasury reserves (or 'stack sats', as we say). The expertise of the JAN3 team uniquely positions us to meet the distinct needs of our nation-state clientele, offering unmatched solutions concerning Bitcoin acquisition, custody, and the high-grade security they demand."

Elaborating further on their holistic service approach, JAN3 COO, Ben Van Hool added, "We're not just about Bitcoin acquisition. Our services extend to assisting nation-states in securing their Bitcoin. We design and establish strategies, procedures, and systems, to ensure the longevity and security of a nation's treasury. Think of it as building a digital, individual Bitcoin 'Fort Knox' for our clients. Our seasoned team walks our customers through every step, to make their Bitcoin adoption and financial fortification journey easier and more secure."

In addition to serving public entities at every level, JAN3 Financial also caters to a diverse range of clientele in the private sector. This includes enterprises, family offices, and high net-worth individuals, to ensure a broad spectrum of clients can benefit from JAN3’s Bitcoin expertise as they each look to diversify their assets.

CBO of JAN3, Andrew Howard commented, "There are many, many notable figures we’ve been in contact with who either own Bitcoin or have expressed to us that they want to start allocating into it. You may not always hear on the news about these people buying it - they don’t always have an incentive to tell the world they’re buying. But they exist, it’s happening, and they are now allocating into Bitcoin through JAN3 Financial.”

JAN3’s reputation and track record servicing nation-states guarantees private parties can also access an OTC desk that guarantees reliability, professionalism, and privacy. Along with a complete suite of consulting services, JAN Financial enables a smooth Bitcoin experience from beginning to end.

About JAN3:

JAN3 is a digital infrastructure company focused on expanding access to Bitcoin technology, founded and led by Samson Mow, best known for his work with El Salvador's Bitcoin initiatives and his efforts in nation-state Bitcoin adoption around the world. JAN3's mission is to accelerate hyperbitcoinization by providing tools for individuals, autonomous regions, and sovereign nations to benefit from a free and open financial system based on Bitcoin.

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