JAN3, a Bitcoin technology company, unveiled AQUA Wallet on January 3rd, 2024. The AQUA facilitates Bitcoin transactions for on-chain, Lightning, and Liquid.

CEO of JAN3 Samson Mow recognized the exceptional drive and innovation of his team, who successfully managed multiple projects concurrently over the holiday season, ensuring the timely release of the AQUA.

Additionally, CBO of JAN3 Andrew J. Howard stated "it happened. Running AQUA ." 

Responses to the AQUA have been positive. Users have commended the wallet's functionality and design. @derekmross, noted the wallet's user-friendly interface and its Liquid swapping feature.

Addressing privacy concerns, the AQUA team stated on X that the app does not log user data and lacks data-collecting servers. 

They clarified that any KYC and AML requirements pertain to third-party services accessible through AQUA's Android version, like fiat to Bitcoin transactions. The team also emphasized that Aqua is a non-custodial wallet.

@JakeBlockchain from the Built on Bitcoin Podcast mentioned the "Layer 2 Bitcoin" tab that simplifies transactions across the Liquid and Lightning networks. This functionality, backed by Boltzhq, enables automatic conversions between L-BTC and Lightning sats, leading to enhanced privacy, lower transaction fees, and faster processing times.

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