AQUA by JAN3, a revolutionary Bitcoin and stablecoin wallet, was launched on January 3rd, 2024 and empowers global financial freedom. It serves Latin America and emerging markets, bridging financial inclusion gaps. AQUA's user- friendly interface facilitates seamless transactions, supports the Liquid Network, and targets a billion-strong market. Tailored for Latin America and Bitcoin maximalists, AQUA ensures financial autonomy, offering a non-custodial wallet with advanced features. CEO Samson Mow envisions AQUA as a spark for Bitcoin's wildfire spread, accelerating hyperbitcoinization.

A groundbreaking product is set to disrupt the status quo, bringing freedom and opportunity to billions. Meet AQUA, a transformative Bitcoin and stablecoin wallet developed by JAN3’s trailblazing team.

AQUA isn’t your average Bitcoin wallet; it's an emblem of liberation and empowerment, designed to serve Latin America and emerging markets all over the globe. This launch ushers in a new era of financial inclusion, particularly for the unbanked, bridging the gap in an increasingly digital world. AQUA is more than just banking the unbanked – it's about protecting people from inflation and giving them control over their financial destiny.

This user-friendly wallet enables users to send and receive Tether USDt, Bitcoin, Lightning, and Liquid digital assets with ease, even offering native asset swapping. AQUA is the key to Bitcoin circular economies, a daily driver for your digital assets, and a powerful tool that gives users full control and custody of their keys and assets.

AQUA boasts of being one of the first wallets to support the Liquid Network and can store an array of digital assets based on the Liquid sidechain, such as Bitcoin Bonds and game currencies. With this strong foundation, it's poised to become the dominant Bitcoin/Dollar wallet worldwide, reaching a previously untapped market of over a billion individuals.


As part of its mission, AQUA will open the doors to a diverse set of financial possibilities, ranging from everyday transactions to more advanced offerings such as debit cards, fiat on and off ramps, and even peer-to-peer lending.

“Our long-term vision is a wallet that helps users ‘leapfrog’ banking, much like users in Africa skipped landlines and went straight to mobile,” said JAN3 CEO, Samson Mow. “Our goal is for AQUA to be the spark that will help Bitcoin spread like wildfire throughout the developing world.”


AQUA is designed with a deep understanding of users in Latin America; AQUA is their gateway to the financial system - all they need is a budget Android phone. People in Latin America are already familiar with and have a strong need for stablecoins like Tether USDt due to rampant inflation. AQUA’s streamlined and simplified user interface makes it easy for them to send and receive USDt on Liquid, while also keeping them focused on the optionality of Bitcoin as a savings technology.

AQUA’s features can also attract die-hard Bitcoin Maximalists, offering them a powerful interface to Layer 2 technologies like Lightning and Liquid. By utilizing submarine swaps, AQUA can completely bypass high fee-rate environments, seamlessly moving between Lightning and Liquid. AQUA gives Bitcoiners the ability to batch their Bitcoin transactions in Layer 2 and then swap to mainchain Bitcoin when fees are low.

With few options on the market for Lightning wallets to onboard new users, AQUA fills a massive void. Many custodial Lightning wallets were very convenient for sending a few sats to new users, but are no longer available on app stores. Non-custodial Lightning wallets offer a less optimal user experience due to the need for channel opening which can be expensive.

“AQUA is something that Joe or Paco would use to onboard new users to Bitcoin during their travels,” said Edwin Rivas, JAN3 CMO. “AQUA offers the best of both worlds, a non-custodial wallet with a streamlined Lightning experience.”


"Our vision for AQUA is an easy, interoperable, and engaging Bitcoin wallet that caters to Latin America and the global south. Bitcoin offers a life of opportunity, enabling anyone to save by owning an asset that appreciates over time, even in an inflationary environment," Mow explained.

By providing native USDt stablecoin and Bitcoin storage, AQUA does away with any fears new Bitcoin users have concerning price volatility and, instead, it gives them access to dollars right out of the box.

"Our mission at JAN3 is to accelerate hyperbitcoinization. We see Bitcoin as a tool for economically empowering billions globally, but without self-custody, you're at risk of losing your Bitcoin," Mow continued.

AQUA’s non-custodial nature emphasizes the importance of self-sovereignty, yet it does so in an easy-to-use, privacy- focused package that you can recommend to friends and family with confidence as they take their first steps in the Bitcoin world.

The story behind AQUA is the same as many grassroots movements, of individuals reclaiming their financial freedom, one app installation at a time. At its core, AQUA values freedom, self-custody, user-friendliness, and being the stablecoin solution people in developing countries need.


Experience the freedom of financial autonomy, wherever you are. With AQUA, anyone can thrive in an oasis of digital prosperity. Surf the waves of the global Bitcoin revolution with AQUA. Welcome to the future of finance. Join us. For more information, visit or contact

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