During day two of Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023, President Miguel Albuquerque of Madeira and Prince Filip of Serbia engaged in a fireside chat, during which President Albuquerque unveiled plans to establish a Bitcoin business hub in the region, aimed at nurturing innovation.

Prince Filip expressed his admiration for the upcoming hub, stating that it signifies the formation of an association dedicated to advancing technology and Bitcoin, fostering connections and partnerships with interested parties.

He highlighted its origins as a grassroots effort by dedicated individuals in Madeira and emphasized its inclusivity, welcoming collaboration from anyone interested.

In response, President Albuquerque emphasized the hard work put in by individuals from Madeira and extended the invitation for collaboration to a wider audience.

Prince Filip also conveyed his delight at Madeira's embrace of Bitcoin, describing it as a forward-looking technology and likening it to an open, secure protocol akin to the internet. 

He emphasized his role as a devoted advocate for Bitcoin and his efforts, as Chief Strategy Officer at JAN3, in educating policymakers worldwide about the advantages of national Bitcoin adoption.

President Albuquerque expressed, "we're changing our economic [base] for technological companies, high tech, artificial intelligence, and Bitcoin of course." He added that Madeira extends a warm welcome to "everything that is connected with Bitcoin."

During the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, it was revealed that Madeira had embraced Bitcoin, with BTC investors enjoying exemption from personal income taxes in the region. 

President Albuquerque emphasized his faith in the future and Bitcoin, stating, "individuals in Madeira that buy and sell Bitcoin ... don't pay taxes. They’re not subject to personal income taxes."

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