THNDR has introduced Clinch, an API aimed at facilitating instant, cross-border, low-cost, peer-to-peer betting using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

This move addresses common issues in traditional competitive gaming platforms, including high entry fees, delayed payouts, and regional restrictions.

The launch of Clinch is a response to challenges faced by both casual and professional gamers in the traditional gaming industry. 

High buy-in requirements, often exceeding $20, deter many players, particularly those in emerging markets. Clinch breaks down these barriers, allowing bets for as little as one satoshi, equivalent to 1/100,000,000th of a Bitcoin.

Clinch aims to disrupt the $95 billion online gambling market, offering opportunities for partners like online casinos, sportsbooks, and competitive gaming platforms to incorporate global, high-frequency betting without the typical limitations, fees, and delays associated with traditional providers. 

It also presents a monetization avenue for game developers and businesses navigating evolving app store and development platform policies.

THNDR has integrated Clinch into its game portfolio, starting with Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, showcasing how users can now bet with Bitcoin on games like Solitaire against friends for instant payouts through the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Additionally, THNDR is collaborating with sports betting and gambling companies to expand the Clinch suite, making high-frequency betting more accessible on a wider scale.

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