Samson Mow, CEO of JAN3Prince Filip Karađorđević, Chief Strategy Officer, and Ben Van Hool, COO, met with Prime Minister Milojko Spajić of Montenegro to discuss economic issues, focusing on Bitcoin's potential role in Montenegro's economy.

Prime Minister Spajić, with his background in venture capital and experience at Goldman Sachs, brought his financial expertise to the conversation. The discussion covered various topics, including the impact of Bitcoin on Montenegro.

A key topic was the idea of Bitcoin Bonds, especially considering Montenegro's underutilized hydroelectric potential, estimated at 5.6–6.1 TWh annually. The concept of Hydro Bonds linked to Bitcoin mining was proposed as a way to capitalize on this potential for economic growth.

The meeting also touched on legal aspects of Bitcoin and crypto regulation, exploring the implications of holding Bitcoin in the central bank or other government institutions.

Additionally, the participants discussed fostering a Bitcoin community in Montenegro, drawing inspiration from initiatives like Bitcoin Beach or Bitcoin Jungle. Hosting Bitcoin technology conferences was suggested as a means to stimulate local interest and establish Montenegro as a center for Bitcoin-related technological innovation.

Prime Minister Spajić was recognized as an active, forward-thinking leader, particularly in considering Bitcoin's role in Montenegro's future. The meeting underscored his willingness to explore new opportunities for the nation.

The meeting was deemed productive, with plans for future discussions. Montenegro's leadership, including one of the world's youngest state leaders, indicates its openness to new business opportunities and innovations like Bitcoin.

The discussions between Mow, Karađorđević, Van Hool, and Prime Minister Spajić are seen as significant in considering innovative financial solutions, sustainable energy practices, and the development of a Bitcoin community, all of which could significantly influence Montenegro's economic future.

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