San Salvador, February 20th, 2024 – Media research firm Bitcoin Perception today announced the release of its first long-form research report, titled "Bitcoin as Legal Tender: El Salvador's Groundbreaking Decision and the Salvadorian Mainstream Media's Reaction."

The report, authored by Luis David Esparragoza and Fernando Nikolić, offers an unprecedented analysis of the local mainstream media's coverage of Bitcoin since El Salvador made history by adopting Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021.

This comprehensive study scrutinizes 1440 articles from five major local news outlets from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2023, providing a nuanced understanding of the media's stance toward this groundbreaking financial move by President Nayib Bukele's government.

The analysis delves into the sentiment expressed by the Salvadorian media and discusses the broader implications of such coverage on public perception and understanding of Bitcoin within the country.

"El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin has not only been a bold financial experiment but also a case study in how media coverage can shape public opinion on such a global scale," said Bitcoin Perception founder and one of the report's authors Fernando Nikolić.

Co-author Luis David Esparragoza added, "Our work seeks to identify the causes that shape the perception of Bitcoin in the media in El Salvador, and provide suggestions on how to improve journalistic coverage of Bitcoin, in aspects such as adoption, regulation and significance of its technology."

"Bitcoin as Legal Tender: El Salvador's Groundbreaking Decision and the Salvadorian Mainstream Media's Reaction" is now available and offers a unique lens through which to view the interaction between Bitcoin adoption and media influence.

It is an essential read for policymakers, journalists, and anyone interested in the evolving narrative of Bitcoin.

About Bitcoin Perception

Bitcoin Perception is a media research initiative focused on analyzing and understanding the public and media narratives surrounding Bitcoin. Through comprehensive studies and reports, Bitcoin Perception aims to contribute to a more informed and balanced discussion about Bitcoin's role in global finance and society.

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