Nodal Power, a firm that uses methane from landfills to power Bitcoin mining data centers, has recently announced a successful $13 million seed funding round. 

This initiative is geared towards dramatically reducing methane emissions from landfills by harnessing their untapped energy potential.

A considerable portion of the funds has been invested in the development and operation of two power plants in the U.S. 

The southeast US-based facility diverts electricity generated from landfill gas to the local utility grid and houses a data center to optimize energy distribution between the grid and the center.

Meanwhile, in the mountain west region, an innovative off-grid Bitcoin mining data center operates solely on landfill gas. There are also plans to allocate more funds to build a third facility expected to launch in early 2024. 

All sites aim to generate renewable electricity from methane produced as organic waste decomposes in landfills.

Nodal Power CEO, Bryan Black, commented, "we’ve developed solutions, specifically for smaller landfills, that allow us to bring these overlooked resources to market." 

Black added that the company’s tech-centric and energy-focused approach holds promise for a transformative impact on local energy landscapes.

By focusing on this initiative, Nodal Power stands at the forefront of significant methane reduction from landfills. 

Methane, a formidable greenhouse gas, traps heat 25 times more effectively than CO2. Nodal Power's method involves the combustion of methane in generators, reducing both methane and carbon emissions compared to conventional flaring or venting.

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