SideSwap has integrated its swap markets with the Blockstream Jade hardware wallet, allowing users to securely access swap markets from cold storage.

This collaboration enables Blockstream Jade hardware wallet users to maintain control over their private keys, enhancing the security of their funds. 

It also facilitates confidential, non-custodial swaps, eliminating the need for reliance on third-party custody services or software wallets.

SideSwap users can now execute trustless swaps involving various digital assets, such as Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) for Liquid Tether (L-USDt) and other Liquid assets like tokenized securities such as BMN or SSWP, directly through their Jade hardware wallet. 

This eliminates fees associated with third-party custodians and ensures full custody of assets throughout the swap process.

Scott Millar, CEO, and Founder of SideSwap, emphasized the significance of this integration, stating, "the premise of blockchain-based ledger systems is self-custody of balances. Our Jade integration has been a multi-month effort and represents a keystone in building enterprise-grade capital markets. Securities issued on Liquid may now be managed without ever having private keys exposed to the internet for greater privacy and security."

In a recent update, several noteworthy changes have taken place. Swap markets now require new builds for access, and cross-wallet swaps are no longer an option; users must have LBTC in their AMP wallet to trade AMP assets. 

Additionally, it is worth noting that Jade is currently supported exclusively on desktop wallets. These updates may impact users' trading experiences.

SideSwap's integration of the Jade hardware wallet not only provides secure access to swap markets but also facilitates non-custodial swaps, ensuring increased security for users.

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