Cedar Falls, Iowa – November 9th, 2023 – Simple Mining, an innovative Iowa-based Bitcoin mining company, is set to double its operational capacity with a new 15 MW expansion, aiming for completion by Q1 2024. The expansion marks a significant step in the company's growth, building upon its current two-site 15 MW operation and dedicated repair center. Simple Mining’s existing facilities use over 65% renewable energy thanks to an abundance of wind energy in Iowa.

Currently, Simple Mining operates two state-of-the-art Bitcoin mining sites strategically located in Iowa, along with a dedicated repair center staffed by ten full-time, highly skilled repair technicians. In a move to enhance service efficiency and capacity, Simple Mining is also opening a new repair facility and mining site early Q1 of 2024. Since Simple Mining’s inception just under 3 years ago, clients have had an average uptime of over 98%. 

What sets Simple Mining apart in the mining sector is its unparalleled customer service and unique offerings. The company offers a customer-first approach by providing free repairs for the first 12 months on all miners—new or used, with or with warranty—that are purchased and hosted with them. After the initial 12 months, Simple Mining presents a protection plan for as low as $3.99 per month for each miner, covering all repair needs for an additional 12 months.

Precision billing is another customer-centric service highlighting Simple Mining's focus on a great mining experience—any downtime is credited back to clients, ensuring they pay only for the operational time of their miners.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the ASIC market, Simple Mining has developed a marketplace that allows clients to resell their miners with ease. This marketplace has successfully sold all listed miners from clients since its inception in January 2023, demonstrating the trust and effectiveness of Simple Mining's platform.

Moreover, Simple Mining offers a 'pause period' feature, which provides clients the option to halt their mining operations during times when miners are not profitable.

Adding to the list of advancements, Simple Mining is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a client-facing dashboard in November this year.

"Simple Mining’s goal is to allow anybody to mine Bitcoin worry free and with a trusted partner. We welcome all to visit our headquarters in Cedar Falls and tour our facilities and look forward to continuing to raise the bar for the hosted mining sector” said CEO/Adam Haynes. 

If you are interested in mining Bitcoin, please visit Simple Mining’s website at https://simplemining.io/.

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